Pragati SIMS

Pragati SIMS - Student Information Management System

Pragati-SIMS is a Web based School Management software which helps to run the organization effectively. Pragati-SIMS's vision is to provide with an efficient, cost effective and robust School Management System helps you manage day to day student and staff related operations quickly. Pragati-SIMS was developed by an experienced and talented team.

Benefits of Management:

The student and teacher relationship is the most important in education, Pragati-SIMS tries to give them a new media of interaction. This new media leaves behind the limitation of the time management and set curriculums. Irrespective of the course curriculum teachers have Pragati-SIMS to share their best with their students using articles, online exams and forums.

  • No upfront Investment to the organization
  • Multi-branch integration
  • Single Point School Management Software
  • Role based application
  • Zero redundancy in managing the institution related records
  • Complete online and offline functionality to bring it as an effective management system
  • Achieve global outlook and exposure for the institute
  • Save more time and money in lots of communication aspects
  • Save more time in managing information with automation
  • Get connected to parents and alumni in an effective manner

Key Benefits are:

  • Single point access of for multiple branches and departments
  • Access School Related info from anywhere any time
  • Role based access of institution info
  • Integration of Student Tracker with Smart ID card
  • Total Cost-Control
  • Better informed decision making for management
  • Individual Dashboard for every User Role
  • Parents have Access to all the academic information about their ward(s) online


Pragati-SIMS allows you to save, modify and retrieve information using the pull down menus. Each of the modules has sub modules within them. All the modules are integrated with the information provided from the student and the staff administration module.
  • Single Database Management System
  • Completely user friendly and ease of use
  • Automatic Database updates during promotions
  • Performance Analysis of the Students/Staff
  • Extremely easy generation of Report Cards
  • Graphical Analysis of the students and Teacher performance
  • Paper-less Management of Financial Account
  • Automatic Certificate Generation (Provisional, TC, Bonafied etc.,)
  • Creation of Labels
  • Creation of Identity Card
  • Automatic database back-up (Scheduling)
  • Report generation of different types
  • Easy generation of Ad-hoc Reports